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The alien planet, as viewed from outer space.

An alien planet first visited by Oscar and Hedgehog in "Feeling Spacey ". It is home to the Aliens found on the island.

Appearance Edit

The planet is pink and round. It has a rainbow-colored ring encircling it. There are numerous visible clouds on its surface. It also has a round pink nose, eyes and a mouth.

Abilities Edit

The planet itself is alive. When Hedgehog and Oscar first arrive there, the planet greets them. It is fueled by emotions that are shared by the aliens. If an alien is hoarding emotions to themselves, the others will feel nothing. Despite this, the planet appears to be cheerful when it is first seen.

Important Locations On the Planet Edit

The King's ThroneEdit

Alien King's Throne icon

The king's throne is pink and white with a heart-shaped back. It is suspended in the air in celebration for his birthday.

The TempleEdit

Alien Temple icon

The temple is crystal blue and features eight towers. It has multiple heart shaped windows, and a heart shaped door. On top of each tower is a golden topper, each a different shape. There is a statue vaguely resembling a winged lion. The statue has a rainbow collar, long floppy ears, a blue heart-shape on the end of its tail and a crescent moon on its head. As seen in "Feeling Spacey", the temple can be used for weddings. Whether it is also a place of worship is yet to be seen.

The FountainEdit

Alien Fountain Past icon

The fountain is pink, purple and white. It is decorated with pink hearts and spouts rainbow water. The figure of an alien with a serene expression is carved into the center. The figure is holding a plate in one hand and a diamond in the other hand. The figure seems to be resting on a ring of clouds, suggesting that it represents a deity. Below it is a smaller, light blue creature looking upwards. According to Puddle, the fountain is a popular site where many aliens would visit to celebrate. When the emotions are lost, Puddles expresses regret that nobody spends time there anymore.

Puddle's HouseEdit

Puddle's House icon

Puddle's house is a simple structure. On the front, it has a pink roof decorated with a single red heart, and red door. There is a heart-shaped window on the side. The house also has a face with round eyes, nose, and a smile. The front yard has a garden of flowers and greenery in the shape of hearts, including a tree. The mailbox located at the front is a pink heart as well.

Trvia Edit

  • The planet is home to the aliens seen throughout the island.
  • It is possible to be teleported to the planet unkowingly, as Oscar and Hedgehog and were transported there in their beds.
  • The planet is ruled by a king.

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