Jack Pendarvis is an author who is a writer and story editor on Summer Camp Island. He previously worked as a writer on Adventure Time and has written many novels and short stories.

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Story by Edit

  • The First Day
  • Monster Babies
  • Chocolate Money Badgers
  • Saxophone Come Home
  • Pajama Pajimjams
  • Oscar & Hedgehog's Melody
  • Feeling Spacey
  • Ghost the Boy
  • Computer Vampire
  • The Basketball Liaries
  • Popular Banana Split
  • Time Travelling Quick Pants
  • It's My Party
  • Moon Problems
  • Monster Visit
  • Ice Cream Headache
  • Pepper's Blanket is Missing
  • Hedgehog Werewolf
  • Mr. Softball
  • Fuzzy Pink Time Babies