Jesse Moynihan is a comic artist, writer, and storyboard artist who is working as a freelance storyboard artist on Summer Camp Island.

In November 2017, he revealed that he is working as a freelance storyboard artist on Summer Camp Island, but didn't specify who he was partnered with or how many episodes he would be writing and storyboarding.

Moynihan finished work on Summer Camp Island in May 2018, but has since suggested he may be working on the show again.


Moynihan started publishing independent comics in the 2000s and went on to win the prestigious Xeric grant for self-publishing in 2005. He used the prize to fund two issues of The Backwards Folding Mirror and the follow-up graphic novel Follow Me. In 2009, he created Forming, a science fiction comic that tracks the formation of civilization, which he continues to publish on his website.

In 2010 he moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles when Pendleton Ward offered him a job as a storyboard revisionist on Adventure Time. He subsequently became a regular writer and storyboard artist on the second season of the show, working with Cole Sanchez. He went on to work with many different storyboard partners and write outlines for the show, becoming one of it's most prominent and unique voices.

In 2013, he created Manly with his brother Michael Justin Moynihan, a cartoon hangover short that he wrote, directed, storyboarded, produced, and scored. He also designed backgrounds and characters for the short and has since expressed interest in expanding the short into a full series.

After working on Adventure Time for five years and six seasons, Moynihan left the show in 2015 to focus on the completion of Forming and various personal and professional projects, including a tarot deck.

Storyboard ArtworkEdit