Kris Mukai is a comic artist, writer, and storyboard artist currently working on Summer Camp Island. She previously worked on Adventure Time as a writer and storyboard artist, and We Bare Bears as a storyboard revisionist.

Her current storyboard partner on Summer Camp Island is Steve Wolfhard, who also worked on Adventure Time.

Biography Edit

Mukai is a well-known independent comic artist, printing much of her work using a risograph printer and distributing it herself. She created the comics Weeping Flower, Commuter, for which she won an Ignatz award, and most recently My Car's a Spaceship.

Episodes written and storyboarded by Edit

  • Ghost the Boy (with Steve Wolfhard)
  • The Basketball Liaries (with Steve Wolfhard)
  • Pepper's Blanket Is Missing (with Polly Guo)