Oscar Peltzer is one of the two main protagonists of Summer Camp Island, along with his best friend Hedgehog. He made his debut in the independent short Belly as a separate incarnation. He later makes his first official appearance in the Pilot episode. Oscar was voiced by Justin Felbinger in the pilot and is voiced by Elliott Smith in the series.


Oscar is a young elephant, around the same height as Hedgehog, but shorter than the witches. He has a small trunk, and rosy cheeks. He wears a navy long sleeved sweater over a white shirt, with light blue jeans, long socks, and maroon shoes.


Oscar is the son to Sue and Andy. He is introverted and nervous to meet strangers. He likes pancakes, and is lactose intolerant.


  • Cabin Flag: Rainbow
  • Along with Oscar, a few other camper's ages were confirmed in this tweet from Julia Pott.
  • Oscar was head of the camper's softball team, Mama's Little Babies.
  • He is lactose intolerant.
  • He has trouble coping with new things, especially being at a magical camp.
  • His dad's name is Andy and has a British accent.
  • Oscar once made a friendship bracelet for the moon. He later received one from the moon back, but he lost it.
  • Oscar can only wink with his right eye.
  • In the pilot, Oscar had a crush on Hedgehog.
  • No one, not even Hedgehog, came to his fifth birthday party. He keeps pictures of him all alone for some reason.
  • He has every camp badge, over 100 from what we can tell.
  • His cabin neighbor is Hedgehog.
  • He wrote a special song for Hedgehog for her 10th birthday.
  • It is also revealed in Time Travelling Quick Pants", that Oscar wears Rainbow Dinosaur" underwear, a fact that makes him feel really embarrassed, whenever they are revealed in public.

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