Steve Wolfhard is a comic artist, writer, and storyboard artist currently working on Summer Camp Island.

Biography Edit

Wolfhard studied animation at Sheridan University, and went on to work as a character designer on Canadian animated television shows.

While working in animation, he became known for his webcomic Cat Rackham and was a member of the Toronto jam comics collective Team Society League. He published Cat Rackham Loses It! and Turtie Needs Work with Koyama Press.

Pendleton Ward was a fan of Cat Rackham and offered Wolfhard a job as a storyboard artist, but declined and instead worked as a storyboard revisionist for a number of seasons. At the end of the fourth season he became a writer and storyboard artist and has continued working as a storyboard artist until production on the show ended in 2017. He also occasionally wrote outlines and original stories for the show. Wolfhard also storyboarded the first episode of Over the Garden Wall and created the animated short Zane Plays Proboid.

In 2017, Wolfhard announced that he was working on Summer Camp Island as a freelance storyboard artist from Canada and that his storyboard partner was fellow Adventure Time storyboard artist Kris Mukai.

Since then, he has stopped working on Summer Camp Island and moved to Los Angeles to work on the upcoming Disney series Amphibia.

Episodes written and storyboarded by Edit

  • Ghost the Boy
  • The Basketball Liaries

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