Susie McCallister is the head counselor on Summer Camp Island. She is voiced by the show's creator, Julia Pott.

Personality Edit

Susie likes tormenting the campers in her charge, becoming upset when things don't go her way. She takes great enjoyment in taunting her campers, specifically Oscar, and, on a lesser extent, Hedgehog.(i.e.: Hedgehog Werewolf), punishing the whole camp to make Hedgehog suffer. She only took the job of counselor for the money.

However, she is somewhat sensitive to her friends, albeit in a somewhat cruel way, like in the episode, Ghost the Boy, where she erased Ghost's memories to keep him and Betsy apart.


Susie has a soft cream colored coat of fur and has bushy eyebrows. She also has light pink hair. Like the other witch counselors, she wears a black sleeveless dress with a white puffy shirt underneath with a collar on it. For shoes, she wears white socks and black Mary Jane shoes. She also wears a necklace with a pink star on it and a witch hat with a tea green stripe on it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Susie is a witch and therefore can manipulate magic, either by herself or by using her wand. In the opening she is seen using Telekinesis to lift chips into her mouth, she has also been seen teleporting, elongating her body parts, reversing time, making clones, flying (through the use of a broomstick), and instantly changing her clothes. Susie can also change her hairstyle at will.


  • Cabin Flag: A Pink Star
  • She claims to be 15, but in actuality is hundreds of years old proven by a picture of her in 1892. Her real age cannot be accurately pinpointed due to the fact that there is no confirmed current date in the show, and no birthdate confirmation for Susie.
  • Her cabin is the only one to have air conditioning.
  • She loves eating grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • She throws herself a “surprise” 15th birthday party every year.
  • She has a crush on a goose boy from "Gander High", a teenage drama watched by the witches.
  • Out of all of the witches, Susie is the meanest one and tends to gain pleasure from tormenting the campers.
  • Susie's last name is McCallister.
  • She had a special ice cream in the ice cream vault called ”Peppermint Occasion“ which gives magical powers for 24 hours.
  • Much like Hedgehog, Susie loves the band "boy band".
  • Susie wears contacts.
  • In the pilot, Susie is a hedgehog, but in the series, Susie is a cat.
  • Susie has the same cabin flag as her necklace just like the other witches.  


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